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Enterprise Narrowboat - Booking Conditions


1.      No-one may come on the boat trip if they think they might have Covid or are displaying any possible Covid symptoms. Group leaders must ensure this is carried out. 

  1. A maximum of two wheelchair users may be passengers on each trip.  All other passengers must be able to ascend three steps in the unlikely event that an emergency evacuation of the boat becomes necessary.


  1. A Skipper and Crew Member will accompany every trip.


  1. The Skipper is in overall charge of the boat including passenger lift.


  1. Passenger safety is the responsibility of the boat staff and group leaders working together.


  1. When completing the booking form, group leaders will choose whether their trip is NON-SMOKING (smoking only allowed on the towpath) or SMOKING (smoking only allowed on the front deck). All passengers in the group must adhere to this choice.


  1. The supervision of any children in the group is the responsibility of the adult passengers, not the boat staff.


  1. Each group will be given a pre-trip safety talk by the boat staff. Group leaders must ensure that safety procedures are adhered to by all passengers.


  1. The Truman Enterprise Narrowboat Trust cannot accept any responsibility for passengers when they are off the boat.


  1. Group Staff are responsible for the well-being and care of their group members. This includes moving wheelchair users and giving any physical assistance passengers require with mobility and using the toilet. In some cases this may mean one to one support.


  1. There is a first aid kit on board which is available for use by group leaders and/or passengers. Boat staff are not first aid trained.


  1. Your group must not exceed twelve persons including a minimum of two Staff. Children and babies must be included in the twelve. The bus driver for your group MUST be included in your count if they are to join the trip. Please do not place the boat staff in the embarrassing position of having to turn people away.


  1. Dogs are not permitted on trips unless they are working dogs e.g. guide dogs, hearing dogs for deaf people, etc.


  1. The Trust holds appropriate insurance cover for passenger and public liability. Current certificates are displayed on the boat.


  1. The Truman Enterprise Narrowboat Trust cannot accept any responsibility for the safety of vehicles and their contents at Hatherton Marina.


  1. Late arrival to embarkation point may mean that the trip will be cut short, return late or be cancelled.


  1. The booking form must be completed, signed and returned to us to confirm your booking within 14 days.


  1. Full payment of invoice must be paid 28 days before the date of trip. Trips will not go ahead unless paid for.


  1. Your payment is non-refundable in the event you have to cancel the trip.


  1. The Truman Enterprise Narrowboat Trust has the right to cancel a booking for whatever reason deemed necessary and without explanation.  All monies paid will be refunded. The Truman Enterprise Narrowboat Trust cannot be held responsible if due to mechanical fault or any other reason the trip is held up or even cancelled.  Every effort will be made to rectify the situation to enable trips to go ahead.


  1. The Truman Enterprise Narrowboat Trust will retain contact details provided by each group so that information about trips can be communicated efficiently. If any group no longer want their contact details held by the Trust they must inform the Bookings Secretary.


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